1. What is Berberine

    What is Berberine

    Ozempic has been the talk of the town in weight loss and celebrity culture over the last year or two. Even with all of its hype and promise, its side effects have people wondering if there could be a natural alternative. Well, some people are calling berberine “nature’s Ozempic” on places like Tik Tok. Can they provide similar results? Is berberine safer just because it’s natural? Let’s take a closer look at what berberine is and what it does. 

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  2. Tips to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

    Tips to Make Swallowing Pills Easier

    Lots of helpful things like supplements, vitamins, prescription medications, and over-the-counter medicines come in pill form but you might have had trouble with swallowing them. And you’re not alone. The saying “tough pill to swallow” came from somewhere. That being said, let’s take a look at how to make taking pills easier.

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  3. Top Vitamins and Supplements for Eye Health

    Eye health image

    Upon hearing about all of the various eye conditions out there, you might wonder what vitamins or nutrients might be helpful as well as what foods provide them. This is especially important as people live longer and have to spend more time looking at screens. So let’s have a look at the top vitamins and supplements for eye health.

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  4. How Weight Loss Helps Your Joints

    Weight loss

    We already know how important weight loss is for heart health, feeling great and looking great. But one of the less often discussed benefits is how weight loss benefits your bones and joints. 

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  5. Prebiotics vs Probiotics: Better Together?

    Infographic of prebiotics and probiotics

    Probiotics and prebiotics sound alike and both are associated with gut health. But they have traits and differences that leave people wondering which one they should take or if there’s even more benefit in combining them. Let’s have a look at what prebiotics and probiotics do and whether it’s worth taking both together. 

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  6. Natural Products Expo West 2024

    Natural Products Expo Anaheim

    Once again, thousands of Natural Product makers, suppliers, educators, and entrepreneurs met last week in Anaheim for the Natural Products Expo West. 

    The Best in Nature team attended to meet with suppliers, see what the latest research is, as well as what customers are interested in. Here are 5 fast takeaways. 

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  7. Inflammation's Effects on Bone Health

    Inflamed Bone Joint

    Inflammation can affect your bone health in several ways causing pain, swelling or fracture risk. Read on.

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  8. How to Wake Up with More Energy

    Woman waking up feeling energized

    Want to wake up feeling wonderful or quickly say farewell to that morning fatigue? Well, there are several things that contribute to that tired morning feeling. And the explanation most likely isn’t that you’re “just not a morning person.” Let’s take a look at 14 ways that you can have more energy in the morning. 


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  9. What are FODMAP Foods: Could Avoiding Them Ease Digestive Irritation?

    A Variety of FODMAP foods

    You might recall a friend or family member doing an elimination diet or heard the word FODMAP. So what are FODMAP foods and the FODMAP or elimination diet? Could it be the key to easing your digestive issues? 

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  10. The Fab Four Diet: Eat and Look Like a Celebrity?

    Fab Four Diet Smoothie

    The Fab Four Diet has been credited with helping celebrities get in top shape. How does the approach work and how does it compare with general nutrition guidelines. 

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