Bone Joint Health

  • • Improves joint comfort and function
  • • Lubricates joints
  • • Rejuvenates and re-hydrates for joint health

Blood Circulation (Heart)

  • • Helps prevent blood clots
  • • Helps lower LDL (bad) cholesterol
  • • Helps relieve chest tightness and discomfort

Blood Circulation (Brain)

  • • Boost Your Brain
  • • Boosts focus and memory
  • • Improves mental performance

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My father has been using Bone Essence for many years and has seen significant effects on his arthritis. My mom used to pain in her wrists and knees, and her wrists would hurt so much she couldn’t cook. After using Bone Essence, she experienced less pains and virtually no pains now. Now both of my parents highly trust the product and have been taking it daily for years. They even bring it with them on vacations to protect and maintain their bone health. Buying multiple sets can be pretty economical and we can accumulate points for rewards because they look after old customers.

Mr. Xia, Beijing

My older brother is more than 80 years old, suffering from Alzheimer's disease and brain atrophy. I was afraid that his condition would be worse and worse, and then would not be able to take care of himself. After taking VitaBrain for several months, I felt his memory improved and able to take care of himself, the overall health is getting better. For a while, I also had a palpitation and decline in memory, I insist on taking VitaBrain and VigorHeart at the same time, I felt overall health is improved and the memory also is obviously enhanced.

Ms. Yueyan Chen, China

Using Vitabrain helped with memory loss and speech. Ms. Lin from California wanted to let us know that she’s been buying Vitabrain for her mom for 4-5 years. After seeing Vitabrain’s TV commercial, she bought a set for her mom with the hopes of her mom trying it out and seeing improvements. After using Vitabrain, her mom’s memory saw noticeable improvements and wasn’t as scatterbrained. She seemed more alert overall and wouldn’t lose to her dad when squabbling. Now her dad is also using Vitabrain, to nourish the brain. They are all very grateful for such a great product.

Ms. Lin, California

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