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Bone Joint Health

  • • Improves joint comfort and function
  • • Lubricates joints
  • • Rejuvenates and re-hydrates for joint health

Blood Circulation (Heart)

  • • Rich in heart-healthy CoQ10
  • • Designed to support healthy cardiovascular function
  • • Premium, herbal ingredients

Blood Circulation (Brain)

  • • Boost your Brain
  • • Boosts focus and memory
  • • Improves mental performance

Featured Products

  • Featured Products
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  2. NewSale 1 Box of 50 Disposable Protective Masks
  3. NewSale 1 Box of 10 KN95 Respiratory Masks
  4. New Bone Health Bundle
  5. New Health on the Go Bundle
  6. New Women's Health Bundle


My father has been using Bone Essence for many years and feels more comfortable and more mobile. He spoke so highly of it that my mother decided to try it too. Now, both of my parents take it daily and have been for years. They even bring it with them on vacations to protect and maintain their bone health. Buying multiple sets can be pretty economical and we can accumulate points for rewards because they look after old customers.

Mr. Xia, Beijing

My older brother is more than 80 years old and doesn’t have the mental clarity he used to. After taking VitaBrain for several months, I’ve seen an improvement in his overall alertness. After a while, I felt like my own memory was slipping a bit and got interested in seeing what it could do for me. I feel like I’ve improved as well and insist on taking VitaBrain from now on.

Ms. Yueyan Chen, China

I’ve been buying Vitabrain for my mom for 4-5 years. After seeing Vitabrain on a TV commercial, I bought a set for my mom hoping to see any kind of improvement at all. After using Vitabrain, my mom’s memory seemed sharper and she said she felt less scatterbrained. When I interact with her on a daily basis, she seems much more alert and responsive. Now my dad is also using Vitabrain, to maintain optimize his brain health. They're really happy with the results and will continue to use VitaBrain.

Ms. Lin, California

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