Our Mission

Improving the lives of people and the planet is at the center of every product we make. At Best in Nature, we responsibly and thoughtfully create products for better health at every stage of life.

Who We Are

Best in Nature ®,was founded in 2006 bringing together 30 years of experience with the purpose of providing the best all-natural dietary supplements to help people live their best lives.

Our entire line of health supplements focuses on your health needs and addressing them with premium, scientifically proven ingredients that we take great care in researching, vetting, and procuring. As such, all of our products are produced in FDA-registered cGMP facilities in the USA.


Best in Nature Office in Pomona, CA      cGMP Certified Manufacturing Facility



Social Responsibility

Best in Nature® is dedicated to improving our local community and the world at large. As you can probably guess, we’re passionate about maintaining our natural environment. As a community, we rely on the environment for our water, our food, and the air we breathe so it’s imperative to do what we can to preserve it. As a result two of our favorite causes have been planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation and the maintenance of the California State Parks.

Additionally, we’re proud to support the following organizations:



Diamond Nutriceutical Inc. (Best in Nature ®) is a member of the following organizations: 

Intellectual Property

All of our flagship products are unique formulations for which we hold trademarks and patents including the following:

US Patents

Bone Essense with Kolla2® and VitaBrain are U.S. Patented products

US Trademarks

Best in Nature, Bone Essense, VigorHeart, VitaBrain, LiverBest, GlucoBest, VigorBrain, Top Men's Ultimate, NattoBest, Eye Care Essence

Retail Partnerships

Every day, we set out to provide a great shopping experience and unique, insightful health information on our website. However, many of our loyal customers prefer shopping in person so we’ve partnered with numerous retail health food stores (full list coming soon!) to carry your favorite Best in Nature health supplements.

Worldwide Payments and Shipping

Bestinnature.com allows you to pay quickly and securely via the following methods: American Express, Discover, Visa, Master Card, PayPal, UnionPay, WeChatPay, and AliPay. In accordance with U.S. laws, we strictly protect customer privacy and personal information. All payment processing is in accordance with PCI DSS compliance standards for security and privacy. 

Best in Nature ships worldwide. Please check our FAQ on shipping to find out more about discounts and rates.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Diamond Nutriceutical Inc. takes due diligence in complying with US cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) on production processes and the maintenance of all equipment.

Additionally, we follow all FDA procedures for the procurement of raw materials with the United States and abroad, controlling product quality, tracking expiration dates, disclosure of ingredients and execution of product recalls.

Every item is produced in and shipped from the United States.


Business Information

Diamond Nutriceutical, Inc., dba Best in Nature ®,

Health Department License # 46015







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