VitaBrain 益脑灵™ - Brain Support Supplement

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VitaBrain is a combination of premium all-natural, brain-enhancing ingredients brought together in a convenient capsule. Formulated with ingredients used throughout history, it helps to promote all significant areas of brain function, including memory, concentration, learning, recall, mood, and focus.*

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All-natural, premium

Made in the USA in cGMP
certified facilities

VitaBrain is an all-natural brain support supplement that was formulated on the latest research in neuroscience and circulation and as such contains Huperzia serrata and Ginkgo Biloba extract.

Who Can Benefit from Taking a Brain Support Supplement?

Anyone who wants to get a boost in memory, focus and alertness can benefit from taking a brain support supplement such as VitaBrain. For best results, combine the use of VitaBrain with the other aspects of a healthy lifestyle like exercise, a healthy diet and optimal work-life balance.

What Makes VitaBrain Unique among other brain support supplements?

VitaBrain is a patented (No. 6524616) all-natural formula to support cerebrovascular health. Studies show that the active ingredient of Huperzine A supports learning and memory by protecting acetylcholine, a messenger neurotransmitter in the brain. Meanwhile, the other primary active ingredient, Ginkgo Biloba extract provides a phytoestrogen that may support healthy circulation within the brain and inhibit the free-radical damage of brain cells.

According to the most recent studies, when combined such as in VitaBrain, Huperzine A and phytoestrogen significantly increased the acetylcholine level in the brain. 


VitaBrain also provides multiple amino acids, such as D-Phenylalanine, L-Glutamine, L-Tryptophan, L-Lysine and L-Tyrosine, which are essential for healthy brain function and can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier. This powerful combination helps to enhance mental energy levels and maintain a positive mood.*


Detailed Information

VitaBrain was developed and is produced by Best in Nature®. Our superior and innovative formulations are scientifically designed and researched. Best in Nature® products are manufactured at cGMP certified facilities and distributed globally.


  • Supports healthy circulation within the brain
  • Provides essential vitamins and nutrients for short and long term healthy cognitive function, reducing mild memory loss associated with normal aging
  • Helps to maintain a healthy mood, good memory and mental alertness.*

VitaBrain 益脑灵™ #97489418 is a Trademark of Best in Nature

UPC: 892418001034

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Phenylketonurics -- Contains phenylalanine. Please avoid this product if you are children, pregnant or breastfeeding.
Take two capsules twice daily as a dietary supplement. Since healthy circulation is needed for both cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, it is suggested to take one Vigorheart capsule in the morning and one Vitabrain capsule at night for optimal effects.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: two capsules Servings Per Container: 15
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value 
Huperzia Serrata Berry Extract (Huperzine A)  90mg  *
Ginkgo Biloba Extract 60mg *
D-Phenylalanine 50mg *
L-Glutamine 250mg *
L-Tryptophan 35mg *
L-Lysine 120mg *
L-Tyrosine 50mg *
** Daily Value not established.
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