Products & Quality Control


Best in Nature ® developed and marketed a line of U.S. patented or trademarked herbal and dietary supplements, covering bone and joint health, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular support health, eye care, women’s health, men’s health, blood sugar health, nourishing, anti-anxiety, anti-aging, anti-oxidants, gastrointestinal health, kids vitamins, and more.

Best in Nature®s key products include: Bone Essense, VigorHeart, VitaBrain, BestWomen’s Formula, LiverBest, GlucoBest, Eye Care Essence, Tomato Lycopene, Best Rei-Shi Plus, Best Placenta Combo, CoQ10, Melatonin, Super Soy Lecithin and Omega-3 Salmon Oil King and more.

Diamond Nutriceutical Inc. is in compliance with US cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to maintain production equipment in excellent conditions, manage production process, procurement of raw materials from the United States and worldwide, control product quality, track expiration dates, disclose product ingredients and execute product recall procedures required by FDA.

Our company has the most efficient, safe and accurate delivery and distribution system. All products are manufactured and packed in the United States, and shipped to international destinations daily, including Canada, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and around the world. We are responsible for misdirected or defective products. We accept unopened products returned within thirty days of purchase.

cGMP Standard production rooms

High precision Counting Machine

State-of-the-art raw material preparation tank

cGMP Standard bottling line

Automatic tableting machine

Quality Assurance (QA) department


Efficient distribution system