Our executives worked as management and administration for a number of U.S. health food business in the past twenty years. In early 1999, J & P Nutriceutical, Inc. was founded. With years of industry experience, long-term research and exploration, in 2006, Diamond Nutriceutical, Inc. dba. Best in Nature ® was founded with further expansion of consulting, formula development, import and export business, dedicated to the international marketing, customer care satisfaction and health food industry.

With rapid development of the company’s business, currently there are more than 500 independent natural products stores, pharmacies and supermarkets selling our Best in Nature products in the United States and Canada. In addition to the traditional wholesale networks, we established a bilingual website in English and Chinese in 2006 and followed in 2009, targeting overseas Chinese markets globally. Step by step, we have built up a widespread customer base covering the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia and China, serving people speaking Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish and so on.

To better serve our customers, we established a Montreal branch office in 2006, Shanghai Bo Jia Trading Co., Ltd. in 2009 and Toronto branch, Best in Nature Canada in 2010. Our premium products, Bone Essense, VigorHeart and Best Women’s Formula are licensed with Health Canada.