FDA Regulatory Services


Diamond Nutriceutical, Inc. also provides the following services:

  • Consulting service for importing Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), herbal extracts, and dietary/nutritional raw materials to the U.S. market; exporting US made natural products to Mainland China and Canada.
  • Translating & rewriting product labels, packaging boxes, brochures, advertisements and marketing related documents in compliance with US FDA regulations and requirements.
  • Assisting customers applying for product and facility registrations, free sale or export certificates with Health Department, California, US. Applying for U.S. patents, copyrights, bar codes, and creative design trademark registration for foreign companies.

Since 1999, we have put many efforts in research, formula development, marketing strategies, and FDA regulations. In 1999, we hosted a seminar to introduce the newly issued FDA regulations to the Chinese community with the then California Department of Food and Drug branch scientist Dr. Alfredo Quattrone to promote FDA labeling regulations.

In 2007, Joy Pan and Dr. Alfredo Quattrone was invited to Shenzhen, China, as the “High-Tech & Health Forum” Speaker to introduce U.S. FDA regulations to Chinese industry players. On November 13 and December 8, 2013, we cooperated with the Development Training Center of California State University Long Beach to offer U.S. FDA regulations seminars to Jiangsu and China Food and Drug Administration delegations visiting the United States.