Fitness at Your Fingertips: The Revolution of Fitness Apps

It’s a new age for fitness- an unprecedented time of cutting edge technology contained in the convenience of a cell phone.  Fitness applications are revolutionizing not only how people exercise, but also helping to motivate and educate, with very user-friendly, easily-accessible programs that are very inexpensive and sometimes completely free of charge.

With so many fitness apps out there, it can be a bit overwhelming choosing which application is best to use for a specific purpose.  Each app is designed to target a particular task.  Some are designed for nutrition, others for exercise technique and some for certain physical activities, i.e. running and cycling, etc.  Fitness apps are one of the best tools to achieving results with an exercise routine.  They help structure the right programs to guide and instruct on the journey of health and wellness. Here are some of the most effective and unique fitness apps currently available for download:

  1. MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness applications in the world, with nearly 1.5 million downloads and for good reason.  It is a completely free app that helps to track diet and exercise information in a matter of minutes each day.  MyFitnessPal has a calorie counter feature with over 6,000,000 foods in the database.  This app can also create a personalized meal plan and workout program for the user.  There are over 350 different exercises that the app will choose from in constructing a great fitness routine to follow, along with a highly detailed nutrition plan.  One of the most innovative features of MyFitnessPal is the barcode scanner.  This feature makes entering nutritional information extremely fast and easy with over 4 million barcodes that are recognized.  MyFitnessPal has a very high success rate among users with weight loss.  An astonishing 88% of users see results in as little as 7 days.  Many personal trainers encourage their clients to download and start using the MyFitnessPal application because of the accountability and structure that it provides.  One of the hardest parts of staying on track when beginning a fitness and health program is consistency.  With the help of MyFitnessPal, staying disciplined becomes a lot more fun and fulfilling.
  2. Runtastic Running and Fitness is another extremely popular fitness application, with over half a million downloads.  It is a free app geared towards all levels, from beginners to experts.  Runtastic Running and Fitness features a personal fitness tracker which allows the user to track workouts in real-time, with the added benefit of a built-in GPS.  This app also contains a personal training diary to help the user stay motivated.  There is even a real voice coach feature, which gives audio feedback as the user programs in preferred statistics.  One of the most unique and innovative benefits of Runtastic Running and Fitness is the shoe tracking feature.  The app will keep track of how many miles the user’s running shoes have been worn so that it is very easy to know when it is time to retire the pair and get new running shoes.  This could help greatly in reducing the chance of injury and/or the discomfort of common running conditions such as shin splints.  Another great attribute of the app is the LIVE Tracking and Cheering feature where the user can receive messages and cheers from friends, while embarking on a GPS running activity.  Runtastic Running and Fitnessalso offers tips and tricks from professional coaches to help users get the most out of their running workouts. It is a truly remarkable fitness application that can also be integrated with other fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal and GoogleFit.  Having a fitness app that helps to structure and motivate great running workouts is such a great addition to any cardiovascular fitness routine.  Runtastic Running and Fitness makes running so much more goal oriented and inspires the users to push their limits for attaining their best results.
  3. Nike+ Running is another great free fitness application for tracking progress and staying motivated during runs.  This app is for all levels, from beginner to expert.  It is designed to help structure programs and track results for everything from a 5k race to a full marathon.  Much like Runtastic Running and Fitness, it also features audio feedback to help motivate and stay on track towards specific goals.  One of the biggest challenges for runners can be correctly pacing, while working towards a certain goal of distance and time.  Nike+ Running is perfect for finding the right pace to finish a given race or workout in record time.  This is another beneficial tool that will help make a significant difference in progress, while working towards any running goals.
  4. Virtuagym is a digital version of a personal trainer contained in the convenience of a smartphone.  It utilizes a 3D animated personal trainer who instructs and demonstrates each exercise for the user during their workouts.  The ever-growing database of over 2,500 exercises makes this app an excellent addition to any workout program.  It is also great for tracking results and progress over time.  Virtuagym is great for tracking all types of values and measurements.  Whether a user wants to record their weight and waist size or the number of pushups they can perform, the app has it covered.  Even something as detailed as VO2 Max is trackable with Virtuagym.  Being able to know the right exercise to work out the right muscle group is so important.  Having an app that takes the guesswork out of finding the right exercises is a major asset to any workout program.
  5. Seconds is an excellent fitness application that is primarily an exercise timer.  What makes it so effective is that the user can customize the timer with specific exercises and rest periods, which can be color coded and enhanced with certain sound effects.  This app can be programmed for circuit training, boxing rounds, High Intensity Interval Training(H.I.I.T) and even Tabata training.  Specifically with H.I.I.T. and Tabata training, the programmable timers make it so easy and convenient to focus on the exercise at hand, rather than having to try and press stopwatch buttons during the workout. Seconds is a free fitness application, but there is a premium version that can be purchased which allows for the user to save the workout programs for easier access and convenience.  With the development of so many more interval workout programs today, this app is a great tool to make it very easy to follow these new cutting edge workouts that require various timed periods and sets.

It is an exciting time for fitness in today’s society.  There are so many great workout tools at nearly everyone’s disposal in the form of fitness applications.  More and more apps are being developed and updated to help people all over the world make fitness a part of their daily life.  These apps are getting people more interested in fitness and creating a culture of health and wellness that is growing every day. With fitness becoming so accessible now, there is more potential than ever for the world to become a much healthier, happier and balanced place by helping all walks of life find outlets for positive energy through fun and constructive activities.  It will be so inspiring and exciting to see what new fitness apps become part of everyone’s workout routines in the years to come.  It is definitely an industry that is only getting better. The sky is truly the limit!

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